2017 Publication Dates

If, like me, you like to keep an eye out for new books coming out soon from your favourite authors then I hope the list below that I've compiled from Amazon of 📚 being published in the next few months will be useful. (publications dates are prone to changes so I'll try and update this monthly to make sure the dates are as up-to-date as possible). 

Emma in the Night by Wendy Walker (8th Aug)
The Betrayals by Fiona Neill (10th Aug)
The Way Back to Us by Kay Langdale (10th Aug)
Any Dream Will Do by Debbie Macomber (10th Aug)
The Café in Fir Tree Park by Katey Lovell (10th Aug)
The Night Stalker by Clare Donoghue (10th Aug)
The Picture House by the Sea by Holly Hepburn (10th Aug)
True Love at the Lonely Hearts Bookshop by Annie Darling (10th Aug)
The Wardrobe Mistress by Natalie Meg Evans (10th Aug)
Escape to Willow Cottage (Willow Cottage Series) by Bella Osborne (10th Aug)
Hush Little Baby by Joanna Barnard (10th Aug) 
Another Woman's Husband by Gill Paul (17th Aug)
The Cosy Canal Boat Dream by Christie Barlow (22nd Aug)
Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough (24th Aug)
99 Red Balloons by Libby Carpenter (24th Aug)
The Telephone Girls by Jenny Holmes (24th Aug) 
Dangerous Crossing by Rachel Rhys (24th Aug)
Let the Dead Speak by Jane Casey (24th Aug)
Did You See Melody? by Sophie Hannah (24th Aug)
The Honey Farm on the Hill by Jo Thomas (24th Aug)
The Lemon Tree CafĂ© by Cathy Bramley (24th Aug)
Dead Woman Walking by Sharon Bolton (24th Aug)
The Man I Thought You Were by Leah Mercer (30th Aug)

The Accident by S.D. Monaghan (1st Sep)
Cold Feet: The Lost Years by Carmel Harrington (7th Sep)
The Girl From Ballymor by Kathleen McGurl (7th Sep)
I Heart Forever (I Heart Series, Book 7) by Lindsey Kelk (7th Sep)
My Sister's Bones by Nuala Ellwood (7th Sep)
The Little Bakery on Rosemary Lane by Ellen Berry (7th Sep)
Keep Me Safe (Seal Island 1) by Daniela Sacerdoti (7th Sep)
The Pool House by Tasmina Perry (7th Sep)
The Break by Marian Keyes (7th Sep)
The Seagull by Ann Cleeves (7th Sep)
Best Day Ever by Kaira Rouda (7th Sep)
Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Charlotte Butterfield (7th Sep)
The Missing Girls by Carol Wyer (14th Sep)
The Doll House by Phoebe Morgan (14th Sep)
Christmas at the Little Clock House (Whispers Wood, Book 2) by Eve Devon (15th Sep)
Christmas in Covent Garden by Jules Wake (15th Sep)
Whiteout by Ragnar Jonasson (15th Sep) 
Christmas on the Little Cornish Isles by Phillipa Ashley (18th Sep) 
Race to the Kill by Helen Cadbury (21st Sep) 
In a Cottage by Cass Green (21st Sep)
The Angel by Katerina Diamond (21st Sep)
Keep You Safe by Melissa Hill (21st Sep)
The Foster Child by Jenny Blackhurst (21st Sep)  
The One that Got Away by Annabel Kantaria (21st Sep)
The Worst Case Scenario Cookery Club by Chrissie Manby (21st Sep) 
The Image of You by Adele Parks (21st Sep)
Secrets of the Shipyard Girls by Nancy Revell (21st Sep)
Reach for the Stars by Colleen Coleman (21st Sep)
In a Cottage In a Wood by Cass Green (21st Sep) 
Sleeping Beauties by Jo Spain (21st Sep)
Christmas Weddings (Millie Vanilla's Cupcake CafĂ©, Book 3) by Georgia Hill (22nd Sep) 
Christmas at Mistletoe Cove by Holly Martin (22nd Sep)
The Beachside Christmas by Karen Clarke (26th Sep)
The Surrogate by Louise Jensen (27th Sep)
A Very Vintage Christmas by Tilly Tennant (28th Sep)
We'll Always Have Christmas by Jenny Hale (29th Sep)
Christmas Weddings by Georgia Hill (29th Sep)

I am Watching You by Teresa Driscoll (1st Oct)
Christmas at the Log-Fire Cabin by Catherine Ferguson (2nd Oct)
Last Christmas in Paris by Hazel Gaynor & Heather Webb (3rd Oct)
Odd Child Out (DI Jim Clemo) by Gilly Macmillan (3rd Oct)
Winter Solstice by Elin Hilderbrand (3rd Oct)
The Mistake by K.L. Slater (4th Oct)
Beneath the Skin by Caroline England (5th Oct)
The Stolen Marriage by Diane Chamberlain (5th Oct)
How to be Happy by Eva Woods (5th Oct)
Quieter than Killing by Sarah Hilary (5th Oct)
Bad Sister by Sam Carrington (5th Oct)
Secrets of a Happy Marriage by Cathy Kelly (5th Oct) 
Don't Wake Up by Liz Lawler (5th Oct)
Moonlight Over Manhattan by Sarah Morgan (5th Oct)
A Cornish Gift by Fern Britton (5th Oct)
Christmas at Butterfly Cove (Butterfly Cove, Book 3) by Sarah Bennett (6th Oct) 
Annie's Christmas by the Sea by Liz Eeles (6th Oct)
The Little Village Christmas by Sue Moorcroft (9th Oct)
Joe and Clara's Christmas Countdown by Katey Lovell (13th Oct) 
Christmas at the Gin Shack by Catherine Miller (13th Oct)
Christmas at Hope Cottage by Lily Graham (18th Oct)
Christmas Cakes and Mistletoe Nights by Carole Matthews (19th Oct)
Date with Malice (The Dales Detective Series Book 2) by Julia Chapman (19th Oct)
Without a Word by Kate McQuaile (19th Oct)
Coming Home to the Comfort Food Café by Debbie Johnson (19th Oct)
The Treatment by CL Taylor (19th Oct)
Christmas with You by Sheila O'Flanagan (19th Oct)
The Girl from the Sugar Plantation by Sharon Maas (19th Oct)
Anything You Do Say by Gillian McAllister (19th Oct)
Heartaches and Christmas Cakes by Amy Miller (20th Oct)
Meet Me under the Mistletoe by Carla Burgess (20th Oct)
Christmas in Covent Garden by Jules Wake (20th Oct)
Christmas at the Dancing Duck by Daisy James (22nd Oct)
A Cosy Candlelit Christmas by Tilly Tennant (26th Oct) 
The Lost Child by Patricia Gibney (27th Oct)

The Canal Boat Cafe Christmas: Port Out by Cressida McLaughlin (1st Nov)
The Canal Boat Cafe Christmas: Starboard Home by Cressida McLaughlin (1st Nov)
The Cosy Christmas Chocolate Shop by Caroline Roberts (2nd Nov)
Christmas with the Bomb Girls by Daisy Styles (2nd Nov)
Snowflakes on Christmas Street by Ivy Pembroke (2nd Nov)
The Girl I Used To Be by Mary Torjussen (2nd Nov) 
The Good Mother by Sinead Moriarty (2nd Nov)
The Betrayal by Kate Furnivall (2nd Nov)
My Little Eye by Stephanie Marland (2nd Nov)
The Cosy Canal Boat Dream by Christie Barlow (2nd Nov)
A Christmas Gift by Katie Fforde (2nd Nov)
Christmas at Mistletoe Cottage: Book 2 (Hope Meadows) by Lucy Daniels (2nd Nov)
The Land Girls at Christmas by Jenny Holmes (2nd Nov)
The Pearl Sister (The Seven Sisters Book 4) by Lucinda Riley (2nd Nov)
Buried Secrets by Lisa Cutts (2nd Nov)
Christmas at Woolworths by Elaine Everest (2nd Nov)
Another Woman's Husband by Gill Paul (2nd Nov)
The Christmas Secret by Karen Swan (2nd Nov)
Little Secrets by Anna Snoekstra (2nd Nov)
The Christmas Stocking and Other Stories by Katie Fforde (2nd Nov)
Island in the East by Jenny Ashcroft (2nd Nov)
The Little Village Christmas by Sue Moorcroft (2nd Nov)
The Reading Group by Della Parker (2nd Nov) 
The Best Little Christmas Shop by Maxine Morrey (3rd Nov)
Christmas at the Little Clock House (Whispers Wood, Book 2) by Eve Devon (3rd Nov) 
Broken Bones by Angie Marsons (3rd Nov)
Blood Tide (Paula Maguire 5) by Claire McGowan (9th Nov)
The First One to Die by Victoria Jenkins (15th Nov)
Holly's Christmas Gift by Alex Brown (16th Nov)
The Woman at 72 Derry Lane by Carmel Harrington (16th Nov)
One Christmas Kiss in Notting Hill by Mandy Baggot (16th Nov)
Merry and Bright by Debbie Macomber (16th Nov)
The Hygge Holiday by Rosie Blake (16th Nov)
The Death Messenger (Matthew Ryan Book 2) by Mari Hannah (16th Nov)
The Nightingale Christmas Show: (Nightingales 9) by Donna Douglas (16th Nov)
Christmas on the Little Cornish Isles by Phillipa Ashley (16th Nov)
Some Kind of Wonderful by Giovanna Fletcher (16th Nov)
The Land Girls at Christmas by Jenny Holmes (16th Nov)
The Deaths of December by Susi Holliday (16th Nov)
The Foster Child by Jenny Blackhurst (16th Nov)
Christmas in Covent Garden by Jules Wake (30th Nov)
The Big Dreams Beach Hotel by Lilly Bartlett (30th Nov)
A Country Christmas by Veronica Henry (30th Nov)
Bad Sister by Sam Carrington (30th Nov)
Her Frozen Heart by Lulu Taylor (30th Nov)
The Birthday Girl by Sue Fortin (30th Nov)
A Country Christmas by Veronica Henry (30th Nov)
Christmas at the Log Fire Cabin by Catherine Ferguson (30th Nov) 

Christmas at the Little Clock House (Whispers Wood, Book 2) by Eve Devon (14th Dec) 
The Night Raid by Clare Harvey (14th Dec)
The Honey Bee (The House of Birds and Butterflies) by Cressida McLaughlin (25th Dec) 
All The Better to See You With by Anouska Knight (28th Dec)
Ottercombe Bay - Part One by Bella Osborne (28th Dec)  

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